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Welcome to a revolutionary new blog, Beauty Blog Collective! We are a group of beauty bloggers with experience both on our own individual blogs and writing for www.reallyree.com. We decided to create our own unique collective blog as between us we have the knowledge and experience to create something wonderful. 

There are girls of all ages, skin types, hair types, personalities and more and so there’s going to be something that everyone can relate to. This is a little introductory post to let you know who’s a part of Beauty Blog Collective…

Kathryn Watson
Blog: www.kathrynsloves.com
Twitter: @kathrynsloves
Instagram: @kathrynsloves

Bio: Six years of beauty blogging experience, Kathryn is a self-confessed shopaholic and in particular, a makeup-a-holic! In her spare time she goes to watch Manchester United and has previously worked for The Mirror, Radio Times and The Metro. 

Leah Lander-Shafik
Blog: www.leahxl.com
Twitter: @leahshafik
Instagram: @leahxl

Bio: 30-something beauty addict, Leah is always searching for the best buys, bargains and budget-friendly beauty products, whether they be high-end or budget. Leah believes that all beauty should be accessible. 

Michelle Whitney
Blog: Chic Living
Instagram: @versaceblonde

Bio: A self-confessed Instagram and beauty product addict. Michelle has a journalistic background and writing is her ultimate passion. Michelle believes beauty blogging is perfect for her as it encapsulates two of her biggest passions. She also loves to take selfies and eat a huge amount of carbs!

Dippalli Naik
Blog: www.allthingsbeauty.co.uk
Twitter: @dipsjn
Instagram: @atbdippallinaik

Bio: Lawyer by day, and beauty blogger by and part-time hair and makeup artist at all other times, Dippalli creates the most beautiful eye makeup looks. 

Claire Bridge
Blog: www.hittingthewritenotes.wordpress.com
Twitter: @claire_bridge83
Instagram: @claire_bridge83

Bio: A communications professional who’s worked in the charity and housing sector for ten years. In her current role, Claire tells her organisation’s story through social media, video, press and PR. In Claire’s spare time she can be found binge-watching You Tube, perfecting her sun salutation sequence and singing soprano with an award-winning choir. She lives in Berkshire with my husband and their dog Leonard. 

Stacey Cady
Blog: www.itsatwinthing.co.uk
Twitter: @stacey_cady
Instagram: @stacey_cady

Bio: Stacey is a beauty loving optician with an interest in Forensic Psychology. Stacey is also a twin along with one of our other members Michelle Penna. 

Victoria Ogowewo
Blog: www.spokenreveries.co.uk
Twitter: @spokenreveries
Instagram: @spokenreveries

Bio: A freelance teacher by day and a lifestyle and beauty blogger and You Tuber by night. Both are passionate areas of Victoria’s. With regards to beauty, Victoria loves to talk about all things makeup, skincare and fragrance, a central focus being on how certain products work on brown beauties. From drugstore to indie to high-end, Victoria will try them all. 

Nia Patten
Blog: www.beautyblogwales.com
Twitter: @niapattenlooks
Instagram: @niapattenlooks

Bio: Professional Mum of two and a beauty blogger on the side, Nia has a (deep, all-consuming) interest in skincare and loves a bit of pretty makeup too!

Michelle Penna
Blog: www.itsatwinthing.co.uk
Twitter: @michellepenna82
Instagram: @michellepenna1982

Bio: Beauty loving, identical twin Michelle loves her husband, son and anything that sparkles. Michelle has more palettes than she believes she needs but it’s still not enough! Michelle is always on the look out for her next holy grail product.

Tasmin Trump
Blog: www.theblushededit.wordpress.com
Twitter: @theblushededit
Instagram: @theblushededit

Bio: A beauty magpie specialising in hoarding blusher, accumulating mascara and a skincare justifier. Tasmin is a future peacock, cat Mummy and Jurassic Park enthusiast. 

You can also follow us on Twitter: @Bblogcollective 

As well as Instagram: @beautyblogcollective

Lots of Love,
Beauty Blog Collective xxx


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