Leighton Denny Colour Soiree Collection

Leighton Denny is famous in the nail care world, he has performed manicures for celebrities worldwide and has been awarded an MBE for his services to the industry so it’s safe to say you will be in safe hands if you trust him with your Christmas nails. I have a set from the Colour Soiree collection to discuss today.

I don’t know about you but when I think Christmas nails I think glitter! However removing glitter can be a real pain in the rear end so I was very pleased to see the first item is a peel off base coat. Peel off base coats are a must for glitters, however they can be damaging to the top layer of your nails if you are rough when removing them, a good quality one such as this one by Leighton Denny is going to ensure your nails stay in great condition.

Second up we have the colours, this set includes the perfect Christmas combo of red and gold, both glitters! STORY TELLING is a beautiful red with fine strands of different glitters, it’s perfect for those people who want a subtle hint of glitter rather than an “in your face” glitter, or people who need something more subtle for work. AVALANCHE OF LOVE is a beautiful chunky gold glitter and is great for something bold at your Christmas party, or as an accent nail to give you a hint of glitter. I own several Leighton Denny polishes( probably about 50!) and he never fails to deliver when it comes to colour pay off and ease of application.

To finish off your Christmas manicure you want a good quality top coat, Crystal Finish by Leighton Denny is in my top 3 topcoats of all time, however to get a smooth finish over glitter you want a nice plumping topcoat such as the IN THE GLOSS plumping topcoat as it will ensure a smooth, not texturised surface e to your manicure, it will also ensure it lasts longer.

Overall I think Leighton Denny has put together a great collection here as it includes everything you would need to get your nails party ready, it would make a great secret santa gift, or for a teacher, auntie, in fact anyone would love this. Check out the others in the range and let me know what you think.





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