Getting enough beauty sleep, especially at this time of year, is vital. Studies have linked a shortage of shut eye with an increased risk of catching a cold or the flu, so fighting off winter tiredness and not burning the candle at both ends (despite all those Christmas parties) is a must. Good job then… View Post

Balmkind is a relatively new brand which has been launched this year; their main aim was to create products that work effectively and achieve longer lasting benefits. The brand is so new, that they currently only have one product for sale (this lip balm). The lip balm has already received a lot of media attention… View Post

From time to time there’s a new buzz on the makeup scene about affordable products that work just as good or better than some high end products. Recently the Essence Lash Princess mascara buzz was so loud I definitely had to try it out for myself. I’d seen the many posts of people showing their… View Post