The festive season is in full swing! Everywhere there are lights, Christmas songs and people in sparkly woolly hats! Its a lovely time of year, not only because everyone is in a generally better mood and planning Christmas fun with family and friends but, if you’re a beauty lover like me, there are loads of… View Post

Pink Gellac might sound like a name you have heard before but you probably haven’t tried it yet. I was sent the starter pack to try as they have only released recently in the UK, even though they have been around a while and I have never used any others like this before so it… View Post

I wasn’t blessed with strong, smooth nails, so nail polish is a beauty routine staple for me as it helps me to hide any imperfections and feel a little more sophisticated. The drawback of course is that you need time and patience to apply it well and with one false move – a premature toilet… View Post