I always remember where I first discovered Laura Geller – on QVC UK and at the time I hadn’t ever seen anything else about the brand, so I wanted to know why the presenters were gushing about it and so I ordered a Today’s Special Value at the time, which gave me a selection of… View Post

Essence never fail to amaze me – they are constantly bringing out on-trend, new releases, with some real corkers, and always super cheap! One of my absolute holy grail mascaras is their Princess Lash Mascara, and ever since discovering it a couple of years ago, I have since bought about ten back-ups just in case… View Post

As the colder months approach and our lips get drier and drier, and it becomes ever more mandatory to carry around a trusty moisturising lip balm. Personally I suffer with severely dry lips, so it’s important for me that lip balms provide sufficient moisture and have staying power throughout the day. Even if you don’t… View Post