I recently attended a mini masterclass hosted by the lovely girls at the Urban Decay concession stand at my local Debenhams, which mainly showcased the fabulous new releases and gifts from them for the festive season ahead. I ended up buying so many things, including a few of their core line products, as Urban Decay… View Post

I love make up palettes, be it shadow or face products. I spend a lot of time with You Tube on in the background when working on my degree or writing a blog post and it was impossible to miss the Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture eyeshadow palette when it launched. Having read and watched some… View Post

I stumbled across the Midnight Unicorn palette accidentally; whilst searching for skincare in my local Superdrug and trying my very best to be ‘good’ (mentally promising myself I would not purchase anymore make-up unnecessarily). As soon as I set my eyes on this palette, I knew it was destiny. We were meant to be together. From… View Post