Getting enough beauty sleep, especially at this time of year, is vital. Studies have linked a shortage of shut eye with an increased risk of catching a cold or the flu, so fighting off winter tiredness and not burning the candle at both ends (despite all those Christmas parties) is a must. Good job then… View Post

I wasn’t blessed with strong, smooth nails, so nail polish is a beauty routine staple for me as it helps me to hide any imperfections and feel a little more sophisticated. The drawback of course is that you need time and patience to apply it well and with one false move – a premature toilet… View Post

It’s a long time since I picked up a Rimmel foundation, not because I’m a makeup snob, but just because there hasn’t been one that’s caught my eye. However, when I saw their latest release, the Lasting Finish Breathable Foundation, I knew I had to give it a whirl… One of my all-time go-to foundations… View Post