Essence never fail to amaze me – they are constantly bringing out on-trend, new releases, with some real corkers, and always super cheap! One of my absolute holy grail mascaras is their Princess Lash Mascara, and ever since discovering it a couple of years ago, I have since bought about ten back-ups just in case… View Post

Toners have always confused me: we learn that ‘cleanse, tone and moisturise’ is the holy grail of perfect skin but if we left the middle step out would we actually be any worse off? What’s in that stuff anyway? Traditionally toners have been packed full of alcohol and were really drying, but modern formulas are… View Post

I stumbled across the Midnight Unicorn palette accidentally; whilst searching for skincare in my local Superdrug and trying my very best to be ‘good’ (mentally promising myself I would not purchase anymore make-up unnecessarily). As soon as I set my eyes on this palette, I knew it was destiny. We were meant to be together. From… View Post