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I’ve consistently had a love-hate relationship with my skin for the better part of the last 13 years.  Last year I finally managed to win a huge battle with acne; however it had left my skin absolutely parched and damaged. I now have ultra-stubborn patches of dryness scattered around my face, plus an ever oily T-Zone. It has become increasingly difficult to find one product that will deal with my myriad of skin concerns.

The Skin Balm from What Skin Needs aims to do just that, to conquer persistent skin concerns utilising the array of natural ingredients found in Australia.  It is Phyto-Activated with Plantolin, this key ingredient is derived from an Australian plant named ‘’Centipeda Cunninghamii’’. This natural extract is claimed to be anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. It can be used to treat rashes, flaky dry skin and itchy patches. The fundamental aim when using The Skin Balm is to rid your skin of free radicals, and replace damaged skin cells with healthier renewed skin.

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I must admit I was super sceptical before using the balm, as its claims to cure several major skin concerns all at once appeared far-fetched. After using the balm daily for almost two weeks, my first impressions are nothing short of amazement. I have had a resilient patch of flakey dry skin around my nose for the last 6 months, I have tried and tested many drugstore and high end products to eradicate this. Nothing thus far has touched it. The Skin Balm made it disappear after one day! Every night when I use it, I wake up and my skin looks fresher and healthier than it has for years. It is the best selling product of the brand’s range – and I can easily see why.

If there is just one skincare product you buy in the next month, I would highly recommend this. The naturally sourced ingredients work wonders on damaged skin. The wondrous effects of nature never cease to amaze me.


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Skinbalm is £12.59, and available here.

Michelle W x

*This post contains PR samples, but all views are my own


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