Optiat Bodycare: Coffee Isn’t Just For Drinking – Who Knew?

My two greatest loves, aside from my friends and family are beauty products and coffee. Given the opportunity to try a product that incorporated both I was definitely interested. Optiat have a range of body scrubs that use Arabica coffee grounds sourced from London’s cafes and restaurants.

Anna and William Brightman founded the company in April 2016. William explains how the idea came about:

 “Having received a cafetiere for Christmas, I began making my own morning coffee. However, I realised that post-brewing, the freshly brewed grounds had to be thrown away. With more than 55 million cups of coffee drunk every day in the UK, this represents a big waste problem. Indeed, it turns out that more than 500,000 tonnes of coffee grounds are sent to landfill every year in the UK alone! I saw an opportunity to change this.”

Optiat The Hungover Coffee Scrub Potent Peppermint

Arabica beans are the more robust beans used to make flat whites and more prestige coffees. They are also;

  • A natural exfoliator
  • Same PH level as skin so it won’t dry skin out
  • Caffeine rich to help skin conditions such as; acne, eczema, cellulite and stretch marks
  • High in antioxidants to fight free radicals.

There are 4 scrubs available and all of them offer different benefits to mind and body. They are;

  • Lemongrass Lifter – great for after the gym
  • Mouthwatering Mandarin – great for getting ready for a night out
  • Potent Peppermint – the hangover destroyer
  • Vanilla Velvet – ideal to relax before bed

I was sent the Potent Peppermint to try. All tubes are 220ml and retail at £9.99, so not a bad price for a product which similar are sold for £30+ at times. The directions are very straightforward, simple apply a dollop, their words, to damp skin, massage in circular motions then leave for a few minutes before rinsing off.
Optiat Potent Peppermint Scrub

I haven’t used a scrub before that says to leave it on the skin. In the interest of science, and curiosity, I applied equally to both arms in the shower. I rinsed one arm off immediately and left the other one a few minutes. I wasn’t expecting to feel a difference but to my surprise I did!

After rinsing off my skin felt immediately softer than it usually does after I use an exfoliant. The scent wasn’t overpoweringly minty or of coffee. The consistency is a little on the thicker side and I would advise to shake it a little first to ensure its evenly mixed, before applying.

I will definitely be trying more of the range; Lemongrass Lifter is next on my list. And what I think makes this up and coming British brand even more interesting is you can see on their website which cafes they collect the grounds from. So if you live in London next time you’re drinking a coffee it could well turn into one of these little wonder tubes.

You can find Optiat Scrubs online at Optiat.

Stacey x


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