Erborian – Korean Skincare review

If there is one thing I love more than make-up, its skincare. It has the power to make us feel renewed, to care for the one and only skin we’ll ever get. Additionally, if you have great skin from the inside out, you build a perfect base for make-up application.

Erborian skincare is a hybrid fusion of Korean science and French luxury. Founded by Korean scientist Hojung Lee and globetrotter Katalin Berenyi; the brand aims to cultivate Asian skincare and regimes, bringing to a mass market in the western world. Using active ingredients, and pure Korean herbs they aspire to produce skincare products that are highly effective for woman all around the globe.

I have been using their BB and CC creams. Let me just tactically point out that I have trouble differentiating between the two.

BB Cream – Stands for Beauty Balm, and is a cream like texture with a hint of colour. The difference between this and a tinted moisturiser is that the BB Cream provides coverage like foundation, but also has moisturising staying power and SPF.

CC Cream – Colour Correction creams target dullness and, genius I know, colour correction.

Do they actually work?

I received the BB cream in ‘Nude’, although the shade was a little dark for me (I am rather pale), I was happy with how the product performed. I replaced my daily foundation with the BB Cream, and received compliments at work on how glowing and well my skin was looking. The texture is a little more pasty than foundation, but it feels lighter on the skin and gives just as much coverage.

The CC Cream I have been applying underneath foundation, and it does effectively target dullness and redness. The texture is a little thicker than my usual creams, this felt like I was dragging it across my skin which I am not fond of doing. However, overall it does give skin a glow and provide an effective base for foundation or BB Creams.

You can buy the ”Perfect Twist Cover It” cracker here, for £17, which contains both the cult BB and CC creams fro Erborian.


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