Burt’s Bees V Carmex: The Battle of the Balms

As the colder months approach and our lips get drier and drier, and it becomes ever more mandatory to carry around a trusty moisturising lip balm. Personally I suffer with severely dry lips, so it’s important for me that lip balms provide sufficient moisture and have staying power throughout the day. Even if you don’t suffer with dry lips, the colder climate can take its toll on our smackers.

Both Burt’s Bees and Carmex are huge names in the lip balm industry.

Burt’s Bees have recently launched this lip balm which is Honey flavoured, and it smells wonderfully natural and retails at £3.99. The lip balm is 100% natural; with the packaging being simplistic yet definitive of the brand.  

Carmex is a firm favourite of mine, it seems to keep my lips moist all day long and it’s relatively cheap. This limited edition collaboration with Fashion Accessory brand Skinny Dip has a very cute design on its lid, featuring colourful iced lollies. At £2.69 the Carmex is cheaper, does this reflect the quality?

I decided the best way to test the balms against each other, would be to carry out a re-application test. Initially I would apply one of the balms, and see how long it was until my lips were dry enough to demand a re-application. This would be the ultimate test of longevity. If the balm does not provide sufficient moisturisation, and you find yourself constantly reaching for it – this can be very frustrating. It also means it’s not great at keeping your lips moist, AND is likely to run out very fast, meaning it’s not very cost effective either.

Results of the test:
It would appear that Carmex has sufficiently more staying power than the Burt’s Bees lip balm.

Time taken to re-apply:
Carmex – Re-applied after 45 minutes
Burt’s Bees – Re-applied after 17 minutes

Although the Burt’s Bees Honey Lip Balm may make us feel better ethically, because it is made naturally and contains lovely natural ingredients such as; sweet honey, shea butter, beeswax and almond oil, however if it doesn’t do what it’s designed for, I certainly couldn’t justify paying £3.99 for it. I’m afraid on this occasion I’ll be sticking to my Carmex.

Michelle W x

*This post contains PR samples, but all views are my own


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