Soigne Liquid Chrome Nail Polish – Just Smoke & Mirrors?

I’m rarely seen without colour on my nails, and my manicures are always done from home, so when I saw Soigne had unveiled the first ever liquid chrome polish – the Soigne Le Miroir (£23) I snapped it up. This has been three years in the making, for goodness’ sake! It was a world first. It had to be good. There’s no need for complicated UV, gel or powder – just the base coat, a coat or two of the chrome stuff and you’re good to go.

In theory.

I couldn’t wait to give this a go, and immediately got to work. When it first hit my nails, it took my breath away. With just one coat, the shine was incredible – and the formula was ideal. Surely it wouldn’t dry like that, would it? But it did! I could even see my face in it!

An hour later, a parcel arrived I’d been eagerly waiting for – a dress for a fancy do I’m off to soon. It had been quite a while since my nails dried, so I ripped open the packaging and zipped up my new purchase. My snazzy chrome nails would complement it perfectly, I thought. And then I checked them out again…and they can’t have been been completely dry after all, because they’d smudged horribly and were a shadow of their former selves. Just a sludgy grey. The polish was really tricky to remove and wouldn’t budge with my usual remover. I had to resort to scraping it off, which made me worry for the condition of my nails.

I know impatience is my worst trait, so I told myself to give the polish another go and take things slowly this time. I let it dry for twice as long and headed to bed with a perfect set of shiny nails. When I woke up, it was like the shiny nails had been a dream, because once again they’d turned a dull grey and the finish was a shadow of its former self. The polish looked like the coating on a scratch card, and came off just as easily. I could have wept.

I spotted a disclaimer on their website which reads: ‘By buying this product you agree to accept constraints of the reflective nature of the product.’ Hmm. I had such high hopes for this product. Soigne’s polishes are usually so reliable, their shades are unique and they’re always on the lookout for innovative new techniques. They really spotted a gap in the market with this chrome polish. It’s just a shame they haven’t quite nailed it.

You can find out more about Soigne online here.

Claire x


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