Christmas Beauty: Elegant Touch Nails Festive Collection!

The festive season is in full swing! Everywhere there are lights, Christmas songs and people in sparkly woolly hats! Its a lovely time of year, not only because everyone is in a generally better mood and planning Christmas fun with family and friends but, if you’re a beauty lover like me, there are loads of holiday makeup and beauty releases!

One such release that I’ve had the pleasure of testing is the Christmas nail collection by Elegant Touch! This nail brand has been around for many years and is known for producing good quality and well designed false nails. Elegant Touch very kindly gifted me 4 sets of their 2017 Christmas range to try out which has been loads of fun!

These are the nail sets I was sent:

  1. Reign Dears

2. Tinsel Tips

3. House of Ho Ho Ho Santa Claws

4. House of Ho Ho Ho Golden Baubles

Each set contains 24 nails in 10 different nail sizes to accommodate any nail shape, nail glue and instructions. The Golden Baubles set also contains Christmas themed nail stickers!

Reign Dears

These nails are so cute! They are a deep red with different festive patterns stamped on, ranging from penguins, reindeers and stars. The tip is rounded and they are medium length. They fit my nails comfortably and lasted for approximately a week using the glue included. They also didn’t fade and the patterns didn’t diminish even after washing dishes, using hand and face creams or rubbing against other surfaces! Here’s a close up:

Tinsel Tips

This set is my absolute favourite! The design is a mixture of red, gold and green glitter moulded into the nails themselves, which are clear! They are slightly longer than the other sets and stiletto shaped rather than round or square. When I wore this set I had lots of compliments and I loved how they caught the light as my hands moved! Like the Reign Dears set, they lasted just over a week and were still in good condition even then! Here’s the close up:

Santa Claws

This set was my least favourite but only because they weren’t as sparkly as the others and the design was much simpler! However, they were still adorable once applied! I especially loved that one of the nails had an imitation white bauble attached to a Santa’s hat at the tip! This set had a square coffin – like tip and again lasted a week. The design was also very resilient – it was in excellent condition even after days of use! Check out the close up:

Golden Baubles

These were my second favourite! The design was simple but very glittery, which I love! All the nails bar one was plain gold glitter but there was one which had a string of Christmas Lights painted on! This set also came with stickers you could use which were very cute and once applied to the nail lasted for a few days! The nails in this set were slightly pointed but not stiletto – see them here:

My Overall Opinion of Elegant Touch Christmas nails?

Elegant Touch has done an amazing job with these nails! All the festive designs are fun and eye-catching and care has been taken to ensure they last without diminishing during the party season. You can easily rotate between the sets over the Christmas and New Year period and once the nails are removed the glue leaves very little residue and no damage to the natural nail. They are also very user-friendly in that they are not too thick but still sturdy and not so long that they’re unmanageable – ideal for a nail novice! I decided to mix and match them which looks awesome:

Don’t they look fab? Everywhere I went people were praising them – I like to think I was spreading a little Christmas cheer with my nails! If you are a Christmas fanatic like me and you love bringing Christmas into your beauty regime, you really need to invest in some of these Elegant Touch nails – you’ll love them!

Dippalli Naik

All Things Beauty


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