Three items you need for flawless skin

Flawless, dewy skin is the stuff of dreams. Especially at this time of year, when the weather and central heating can be particularly drying for our skin. Finding the appropriate tools and make-up to perfect our skin appearance is a god send. I have rounded up these three items which I believe will be your perfect base.

1.To conceal

NYX HD Studio Photogenic Concealer, £6

A great concealer is the holy grail of base make-up; it can hide a multitude of sins. I believe this NYX HD is great value, gives an even coverage without caking, and comes in a wide range of shades.

2.To cover

Sleek Lifeproof Foundation, £8.99

With this foundation the clue is in the name, ‘’Lifeproof’’. And in all honesty, it is pretty lifeproof. The foundation gives a flawless finish, and the coverage isn’t too thick or cakey. Coverage is sufficient, without being heavy. The main aim when applying / wearing foundation is to enhance your natural skin, not completely hide it. That is precisely what this foundation does, it can assist at hiding flaws, but it positively enhances your natural skin.

The foundation comes in 24 shades; another great thing about the Sleek brand is that they have been inclusive of a diverse range of races since they were first established. A lot of respect for this brand, they produce high quality products available for everyone.

3.To contour

Blank Canvas multi-purpose blending brush, £6.50

One of the best contouring / blending brushes I have used.  Its arched tip makes contouring easy, and blending a pleasure. I have found in the past with other contouring brushes, they are either too thin (if you are contouring cheeks for example you need thicker lines), or too thick – they end up blending you’re make-up rather than highlighting certain areas. This Is the perfect size for contouring and highlighting, you can create a perfectly sculpted look with this brush.



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