Missguided Babe Power Travel Atomiser Perfume

Following the enormous success of their full size ‘Babe Power’ perfume which launched in May this year, Missguided have now launched a cute travel size atomizer version of the perfume.  In its brushed rose gold casing, with pale pink lettering, the atomizer is the epitome of Missguided’s sassy style.


I must admit I’m in love with the smell; it is a classic girly scent. With undertones of orange blossom, peony and jasmine it is a scent designed for a boss babe who is dressed to kill. I believe it is one of those marmite-like scents; you will either love or hate it. It is potent, and could be perceived as too potent by some. This will come down to personal preferences.


The sole purpose of this product is its practicality; I took it abroad for a long weekend in Berlin (I am not a frequent traveller so I do often struggle with deciding which toiletries to bring along) and I found it to be most helpful. I had a relatively small bag to travel with, so saving space on bringing a huge (also rather heavy) version of one of my favourite perfumes was a god send.  It was also extremely beneficial being able to have it in my handbag at all times, often when you are exploring on holiday you are out the entire day and it was great to freshen up with this perfume.


I find this perfume to be extremely good value, at just £15 you receive the atomiser which contains 15ml of perfume, and a spare re-fill. That’s 30ml altogether. It smells divine, and it fits in most handbags (even tiny ones on nights out). I love this atomiser, and have continued to use it as my daily scent. This would be brilliant stocking filler just in time for Christmas.

The Missguided Babe Power Travel Atomiser is available here, at £15.

Michelle W x


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