Christmas Gift Ideas: Bomb Cosmetics

I simply adore any kind of bath products, and have been a huge fan of Bomb Cosmetics for a good few years now. They have a whole range of bath products, candles, bodycare products and more, and this Christmas they have really upped their game. I wanted to introduce you to two of my favourites from their Christmas 2017 collection…

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Firstly, we have the Bomb Cosmetics Snowglobe Candle (£8.99), which comes already gift boxed and is the essence of Winter colours, with it’s white, baby blue and silver glitter reminding you of snow. The Snowglobe candle comes in a glass tumbler-style jar and looks a little like a cupcake, with a solid wax base and white ‘icing’ piped on the top of it.

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Fragrance-wise, Snowglobe combines the scent of crisp apples with spicy ginger to create a festive flurry of fragrance and I must say it doesn’t look how it smells if that makes sense. I imagined it to have a fresh glistening snow style fragrance, however it is definitely more spicier and warming than that, and definitely captures a very festive scent to fill your home with.

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We then have the Bomb Cosmetics Let It Snow Gift Set (£11.95), a ready-wrapped gift box containing five indulgent bath products, all themed around snowflakes, snowmen and of course, fresh, glistening snow. I love how this comes already gift-wrapped as even the worst present wrapper-upper is going to be on to a winner with this one. Inside the box the products include;

  • Chilly Willy Bath Blaster
  • Butter Blizzard Creamer
  • Drifter Bath Tulip
  • Snowdrift Bath Creamer
  • Snowflake’s Chance Blaster

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As mentioned, I have used Bomb Cosmetics products for quite a while now, and as much as I love the theatrics of Lush’s bath bombs, I do find these to be much cheaper and they leave my skin so much more nourished and well moisturised than any of the Lush bath bomb’s do. During the colder months my skin gets terribly dry and itchy, and so as a treat, I pop one of these into a warm bath and let the shea and cocoa butters melt into my skin.

You can find these and many more excellent gift ideas online at Bomb Cosmetics.

Kathryn x

*This post contains PR samples, but all views are my own


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