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Getting enough beauty sleep, especially at this time of year, is vital. Studies have linked a shortage of shut eye with an increased risk of catching a cold or the flu, so fighting off winter tiredness and not burning the candle at both ends (despite all those Christmas parties) is a must. Good job then that British brand Feather & Down has tons of dreamy products to encourage a state of relaxation and a restful night’s sleep.

It’s a really affordable range, with everything priced between £6 and £18.

I road tested the Sweet Dreams Sleeping Bag, which contains a silk eye mask, pillow spray, melting shower cream and all-purpose sleep balm.

Firstly, I have to say, this range smells incredible. The lavender scent is soft. I sometimes find lavender overpowering, but creamy chamomile has been added to the mix too: making it gentle and soothing. The packaging is gorgeous, packaged in metallic blue with gold accents – anyone would be delighted to find it under the Christmas tree (there’s another nice gift idea here).

Feather and Down Sleeping Bag

Feather and Down Sleeping Bag contents

What’s in the bag?

We’ve been programmed to sleep when it’s dark, but a room that’s not dark enough can cause you to wake throughout the night. An eye mask is an ideal way to rectify this. I always pop one in my luggage when I’m travelling, as hotel rooms are always full of lights, from glowing clock radios to blinking and glimmering electronic devices and smoke alarms. The one in this kit is soft, silky and snug without being too tight.

I also like to take a pillow spray if I’m going to be sleeping in unfamiliar surroundings. This one is truly dreamy, because the scent is discreet enough not to distract you when you’re trying to nod off, yet just enough to envelop you. It definitely helped me fall back asleep faster if I woke in the night and although I could still detect it on my pillow the next night, the scent was just as fresh as when I first spritzed it on: so no nasty build-up if you use it a few nights in a row. No wonder it’s just won an OK Beauty award!

A warm shower before you hit the hay can help prepare you for sleep. The shower cream melts when it’s applied to wet skin. Another saviour if you’ve been travelling: and the handy size would make it ideal for a few nights away.

Rubbing the lightweight, all-purpose sleep balm onto your pulse points will help clear your thoughts, balance your emotions and ease your mind. This would be handy in lots of situations: not just beside the bed but during the day too, at your desk, on a flight or even in the car (it’s not a sedative so you’re safe!) to induce a calming moment.

And that’s not all, because this all comes perfectly packaged in a silky dark blue bag, complete with gold feather zip. Ideal as a make-up bag, or to stash your little sleep set on your travels.

I’m a total convert to this range. There isn’t a dud product: they’re all star performers and at such affordable price points, with dreamy packaging to boot, you can’t go wrong.

Feather & Down is also available at Boots.

Go on – give someone the gift of sleep this Christmas!

Claire x


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