Baylis and Harding Christmas gift sets

Christmas is a great time for giving and receiving gift sets, as usual, Baylis and Harding have come out with some great sets to suit a range of budgets and tastes. It can always be hit and miss with what to get people so I have done the leg work for you and below is a few of my favourites from the ranges on offer.

First up we actually don’t have a gift set, we have a candle. Candles are great, they’re relaxing, can provide subtle lighting and also fragrance your home. What I look for in a candle is also that it is decorative, if something is on display I want it to look pretty, Baylis and Harding have achieved that with this beautiful candle. Firstly, it features a beautiful woodland scene, my favourite images feature deers, foxes etc so this is right up my street! The lid also features a very decorative topper, something you normally only see on higher end candles. The scent is a beautiful fresh smell so perfect for this Christmas season. To compliment the candle why not go for the Prosecco hand wash? Perfect for the bathroom, it looks classic and smells great  so is an ideal gift for someone who likes bits and bobs for the home.

A nice little stocking filler is the Baylis and Harding midnight fig and pomegranate bath set, it is a lovely little travel toiletry set presented in a small plastic, vintage claw footed bath. My 7 year old loved this and immediately emptied out the “smellies” to get to the bath and it has provided lots of entertainment. The toiletries are perfect size for taking away if going on an overnight over the festive period. Another good travel set is the Baylis and Harding mens Sport set, this contains a hair and body wash, and an aftershave balm, both in a handy travel size and a wash bag too. This is a great gift for someone like my husband, he often goes away with his friends to play golf and has to pack light.

Baylis and Harding have also got slightly larger gift sets, one of my favourites is the limited edition Fuzzy Duck, this comes presented in a beautiful red quilted wash bag, which is a pretty good size and I have been using it as a make up bag. It contains 4 minis, all in the Mulberry and Mistletoe fragrance. There is a shampoo, conditioner, bath and shower gel and a body lotion.  I think this has a luxury feel to it as the minis look higher end than the price point would have you believe.

Finally a bit of sparkle! Baylis and Harding are known for the classic fragrance of Sweet Mandarin and Grapefruit, this beautiful set features a beautifully sparkly gold sequinned evening bag, filled with a hand and body lotion, shower gel and a body mist spray. Fragrance layering is brilliant as your scent lasts longer when it is layered within different products. This is a great gift for a teenager, best friend or funky auntie etc!!

These are just a few of my favourites, let me know yours




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