Pink Gellac might sound like a name you have heard before but you probably haven’t tried it yet. I was sent the starter pack to try as they have only released recently in the UK, even though they have been around a while and I have never used any others like this before so it… View Post

Essence never fail to amaze me – they are constantly bringing out on-trend, new releases, with some real corkers, and always super cheap! One of my absolute holy grail mascaras is their Princess Lash Mascara, and ever since discovering it a couple of years ago, I have since bought about ten back-ups just in case… View Post

I’m rarely seen without colour on my nails, and my manicures are always done from home, so when I saw Soigne had unveiled the first ever liquid chrome polish – the Soigne Le Miroir (£23) I snapped it up. This has been three years in the making, for goodness’ sake! It was a world first.… View Post