Review of the new aromatic collection from Super Facialist Neroli Firming Collection by Una Brennan – Neroli Firming Day Cream, Night Cream, Intense Serum and Brightening Cleanser. “Targets the first signs of ageing while firming and plumping for younger, smoother skin.” Super Facialist is a range of affordable skincare which was originally designed by celebrity facialist… View Post

I love Christmas and this time of year, when nights get darker, yet cosier, and there are so many new beauty releases. One of the best things to have happened to the beauty world, well in my opinion, over the last few years is the increase each year in beauty advent calendars. Pretty much every… View Post

Achieving the ultimate glow seems to be a staple in most beauty regimes nowadays – and I’ll admit I’m not adverse to adding to my forever growing highlighter collection! Beauty influencer SophDoesNails and affordable/fast beauty Kings Makeup Revolution collaborated to release a collection of eyeshadows and highlighters and I’ll say I was very impressed. The… View Post

Toners have always confused me: we learn that ‘cleanse, tone and moisturise’ is the holy grail of perfect skin but if we left the middle step out would we actually be any worse off? What’s in that stuff anyway? Traditionally toners have been packed full of alcohol and were really drying, but modern formulas are… View Post

As the colder months approach and our lips get drier and drier, and it becomes ever more mandatory to carry around a trusty moisturising lip balm. Personally I suffer with severely dry lips, so it’s important for me that lip balms provide sufficient moisture and have staying power throughout the day. Even if you don’t… View Post